College Discipline Committee

The institute has established a Discipline Committe for maintenance of discipline in the institiute. The committee will ensure that students obey rules and remain orderly and peaceful in the pursuant of educational objectives/goals in the college community.The names and contact no.s of the discipline committee members are displayed on the main entrance  as well as the notice board of the institute.

The Disciplinary Committee will perform the  following functions under the guidance of the Head of the Institute.

  • To serve as model in terms of character training and behaviour for students.
  • To make students conform to the rules and regulations of the college.
  • To help students develop self-discipline.
  • To frame new  rules and regulations, in consultation with the HOI, necessary for the moral well-being of  the students.
  • To promote and encourage good behaviour among the teachers and students.
  • To create an environment that is conducive for peaceful and harmonious co-existence of staff & students.